Tuesday, 12 December 2017

5 Best Natural Home Remedies for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry and flaky skin is a common problem faced in the winter time. Most of the people who have dry skin find it tough to manage their skin. Dry skin is actually one of the top layers of skin lacks the desired quantity of moisture it wants. This layer starts to break down and develop a flaky texture and cracks. There are several lotions and moisturizers on the market to combat dry skin. However most of them are expensive and natural home remedies don't seem to be only low cost, however conjointly quite effective in nourishing and hydrating dry skin. Some of the important natural remedies for dry skin are listed below.

Natural Remedies For Dry Skin On Face

Aloe Vera For Dry Skin

Aloe vera gel is commonly used in the treatment of dry and patchy skin. The clear gel extracted from the leaves of the aloe vera plant helps to treat dry skin. If skin dryness is due to other skin problem, aloe vera can also facilitate to manage them as it has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties facilitate to alleviate the symptoms of skin ailments and soothes the skin, by reducing soreness and discomfort.

Almond Oil For Dry Skin

Almond oil has been used for ancient times to treat skin dryness. Its anti-inflammatory,  antiseptic, and moisturizing properties reduce skin problems and improves the skin glow. An added advantage of using this oil is its ability to enhance your complexion and skin tone.  As a gentle, hypoallergenic oil, it’s safe for sensitive skin, including baby skin. Absorption is best once the oil is warm hence heat the before application. It’s conjointly a great plan to combine it with a few essential oils for triple power.

Honey For Dry Skin

This is an excellent home remedy for dry skin. It's  moisturizing, properties can scale back any dryness and make your skin soft. Honey conjointly contains several vitamins, antioxidants and has antimicrobial and medicinal properties. Honey mixed with natural ingredients, found in your kitchen, makes for effective and cheap beauty treatment. Applying honey regularly on your skin will provide you with results beyond your imagination and may go a long way in giving you healthy, younger looking and greatly reduce any dryness.

Coconut Oil for Dry Skin

Coconut oil is great for treating dry skin. It's super hydrating properties will leave your skin soft and glowing. If you have dry skin, apply oil daily all over your body before you go to bed. Some say for even higher results, use the oil when you get out of the shower. You need only a small quantity since the oil spreads well. Take simply ¼ teaspoon oil in and apply it on the face with both palms, gently massaging it on the body. The oil locks the moisture and prevents moisture loss through evaporation from the skin surface.

Oatmeal scrub for dry skin

Oatmeal is one amongst the most effective home remedies for dry skin on the face. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, that assist you to agitate the symptoms that dry skin causes. Oatmeal is a natural cleansing and exfoliating agent that will not dry your skin like harsh soaps will. The naturally occurring cleanser will remove dirt and oil from your pores without drying them. It is better to wash your face with lukewarm water before applying an oatmeal scrub because it facilitates to open up the pores and prepare your skin for the exfoliating treatment.

Each remedy listed in this article is useful to treat your dry skin. In addition to using these remedies on an everyday basis, it's important to keep up a healthy diet. Lack of vitamins in your daily diet can even be one of the reasons for the dry and scaly skin. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to combat dry skin problems. I hope these tips will help you to say goodbye to the dry skin. You can save a lot of money on natural skin care products by shopping in from Cosmetics Online India. Buy Personal Care Products Online India from the premium online store and get a huge discount on every product.

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