Friday, 3 November 2017

Wonderful Health Benefits of Diabetic Rice

Rice is the staple grain for most Indians. It was 1st mentioned in Yajurveda that around 200,000 varieties of this cereal available in India. The two main categories of cereal are whole grain and white rice. Whole grain isn't that process, thus it's high in nutritional value, whereas polished rice is processed in the order that the bran or outer covering is removed, leaving it with a less nutritional value. There are different types of rice, namely brown rice, raw rice, white rice, parboiled rice etc. Individuals select different types of rice depending on their cooking needs, accessibility, and the potential health benefits as well.

Brown rice is a whole grain that retains 100 percent of its bran, and germ. Brown rice is ready from paddy and solely the outer husk is removed. Hence it retains all its botanical components and the nutrients. The outer bran layers of rice are made of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein whereas the inner portion of the rice grain is made in starch. Brown rice also has a lower glycemic index than rice, which implies it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly.
During ancient period, brown rice was consumed and today attributable to the advancements in technology, the hand pounding follow has vanished and is replaced by trendy rice milling machinery that delivers a higher yield of polished rice.

Brown rice is nutritionally superior compared to fully polished rice that's being presently consumed. However, brown rice contains the best nutrients compared to white rice. The recent study states that the half of the daily calories in the Indian population was derived from refined polished rice. Over sixty million folks reportedly suffer from diabetes and the prevalence numbers of obesity and overweight issues too. It's a belief that rice could make them fat and lead to diabetes or high glucose levels. However the common question is, can folks with diabetes consume rice? and the answer is yes but only brown rice or diabetics rice.

Nutritional Difference between Brown Rice and White Rice

Brown rice is a source of vital mineral selenium, that is an antioxidant and supports thyroid health. It's one among the most effective sources of the mineral manganese, that helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Manganese additionally aids in the production of an antioxidant protein known as superoxide dismutase. Which boost the digestion of starch and prevents diabetes in the long haul. An Indian study found that the increased rate of polishing of whole grain rice, removes important nutrients, minerals, and protein.

A study from Harvard Health showed that replacing 50 grams of polished rice daily with the same quantity of brown rice lowered the risk of type 2 diabetes by 16 pc. However in India its difficulty in obtaining genuine brown rice in the market. In such cases, the diabetics patient can switch to diabetics rice which provides superior benefits than normal brown rice. Finally, brown rice and has a superior nutrient content compared to another type of rice. General awareness about of brown rice/ Diabetic Rice and the health benefits of brown rice are useful in the popularization of brown rice among the rice eating population of India.

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